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About  Synergy Baalyam Education

Baalyam means Childhood in Telugu language which in turn derived from 'SANSKRIT' truly epitomized with activities of the school. Baalyam is run under the stewardship of Prof. NRK Reddy, a management Teacher & mentor, an institutional builder who has over 25 years of experience in India & abroad. His experience spanning over 25years, in Teaching, Research, Training & running educational institutions of national and international repute forms the foundation for BAALYAM.

Despite our roots in vedic times, Baalyam integrates its pedagogy by combining best teaching practices of west & the rest of the world. Montessori, Gurukul & play way methods combining with Indian styles of teaching, is the way in Baalyam.

Education is a process of knowing the unknown. Indian education system can be traced backed to vedic times and has, undergone considerable metamorphosis from being a conventional value based 'GURUKUI.' system to the current state.

1.A significant amount of research has been done in understanding and discovering different ways & means that can be used to make education more effective & efficient.
2.The eminent 'pundits' in the Indian Mythology invented many creative pedagogical tools to teach students of different age groups effectively.
3.PUNDIT VISHNU SARMA'S concept of storytelling with the help of Birds, Animals & other creatures in the nature was proved as fruitful pedagogical tool in imparting complex & subtle     knowledge to young minds.
4. These stories are popularly known as Panchatantra stories and have a sense of elevated understanding woven in their dramatic themes.
5.Despite our roots in vedic times, Baalyam integrates its pedagogy by combining best teaching practices of west & the rest of the world.
6.Montessori, Gurukul & play way methods combining with Indian styles of teaching, is the way in Baalyam.

Vision & Mission



To nurture Baalyam as a leading player in imparting early childhood education &child care.


Nurturing world class citizens by leveraging on technology and through collaborative efforts with world class institutions & spreading the child care and child hood education in Urban and Semi-Urban areas.

Why Pre-School ?

Educational research amply exhibits that children below 5years of age are curious and eager to learn. Mother being the first teacher is the prime source of learning. AS we all experience as parents that these children ask numerous questions and sometimes we will not be able to answer their questions. Most often we suppress their questioning ability or divert the topic and the last but not the least showing the anger. This amply reveals the fact that the children at that age learn and assimilate information quickly and express their curiosity and when they get answered they wonder at every new discovery. The bewildering variety of questions that they pose enthuse every parent and we really admire at their vivid learning and sharpness. Though we may not be able to educate them in a structured way in a Pre-School setup, we can surely ensure that these young minds can be developed for logical deduction, critical thinking, creative thinking skills. The key areas of development during Pre-School education include:

1. Personal , Social and emotional skills.
2. Knowledge and understanding of the world around us.
3. Physical development.
4. Language skills.
5. Creativity
6. Mathematical skills
7. Discerning ability


Learning environment
The school has created excellent learning environment which is conducive, clean & tidy place for tiny toddlers. Learning can happen in different ways.
Conventional Methods
Tiny toddlers can be educated through conventional teaching by making them listen to what teacher says. This is one way communication proved to be ineffective.
Interactive Methods
This method encourages the tiny toddlers to indulge in exchange of ideas, words, dialogues, conversations etc.
Experiential Learning
Tiny toddlers are creative in their thinking & doing. Providing appropriate exercises, proiects, role plays, rhymes, reciting, dancing, and singing. Field visits, activity based learning forms the foundation for experiential learning which has long term memory & impact on the sensory organs of the kids.
Children are evaluated on pre determined criteria through structured & unstructured way of evaluation. Oral test & Interaction & ranking the kids based on their abilities, interests & language skills , sociability, emotional and intellectual quotients etc. Regular feed back will be sent to the parents and recorded in the dossiers.
Admission Policy
Admission in to Baalyam is competitive. Parents are required to attend the personal interview with the Director, Prof NRK REDDY along with the child so as to understand the kid's abilities and expectations better, so that we can carve out child specific development program to nurture and concentrate on the upbringing of the child.


Physical infrastructure plays very important role in child care and Pre-School education. The school is located in calm & serine location which is free from pollution & noise in an independent building. The working precincts are very conducive for learning. Indoor Play Area: The school has indoor play area with all the equipments such as soft toys play instruments & modern equipments.

Outdoor Play Area

The school has its own outdoor play area as part of school premises with a garden and all the play equipments are being provided to the kids. Kitchen: The school runs its own kitchen. Children can have milk & fruits, snacks depending on the tastes and preferences of the kids. Parents are advised to inform the office administration, food preferences of their kids.

Safety Measures

Child safety is foremost priority of the school. Parents are advised to leave special/critical information of their wards' medical history & measures to be taken in case of emergencies. Fire safety norms are being followed at the school.

Rest Room

Kids usually need rest and sleep area and required equipment. Separate room is allocated with beds & required equipment.

Seating Equipments

The School is equipped with modern seating equipment & furniture for the kids who goes well with kid's preferences & colors.

Classes Offered

Play Group

18 months to 2.5 years


2.5 years to 3.5 years


3.5 years to 4.5 years


4.5 years to 5.5 years