Synergy School of Business, Hyderabad
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Brick & Mortar

The new facility creates a physical identity for the school and promotes a stimulating sense of community. The design is distinctive and is well suited to its purpose meeting all the requirements of a modern day teaching learning phenomenon. The school provides a variety of facilities, comprising large lecture theatres, syndicate rooms, conference halls, learning resource centre and a computer lab besides an extensive space where students can study and circulate. The lecture theatres are equipped with modern audio visual facilities, enabling delivery of high-quality presentations and lectures.

IT infrastructure

There are excellent computer and IT facilities. The networked PC computer stations are equipped with dedicated printers, internet access and software packages, as well as library catalogue and database access. The building is fully wireless-enabled, allowing students to use their own laptop computers.

The Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (Library) contains decent collection of management and general books beside special.